My name is Clara
and I’m a digital illustrator
My purpose is to have people find a little
piece of themselves
in my artwork.

I’m here to help you put your ideas into
compelling visuals.

We all have similar feelings and we want to feel
understood and empowered
and I believe that is the most powerful, friendly,
non discriminatory and effective way of

About me

I always loved drawing
and my professional career started as a textile
designer in the fashion field.

I decided to pursue the freelance
illustrator career when I realized my work
could carry a message of
empowerment to businesses and to people.

My style

My style is colorful, fun, has clean lines and
has a contemporary feel to it.
I am inspired by nature and that’s why
I bring certain elements of
nature in my illustrations.
That is also why I am passionate about the
environment and I am particularly interested in
working with people and businesses that are
respectful to the environment as well.

My work is ideal for all kinds of scenarios:
advertising, publishing, online and offline
material, all kinds of
businesses and purposes.

I really enjoy collaborating with.
art directors, I work within the budget.
and I deliver on time.

Let's talk!

Let’s share ideas
I’m here to help you find the best
solution for you and your business.

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